Personal Success

Who are you?  How are you defined?  Do you let others define your thoughts and how you act or do you take control and believe in yourself?  Unfortunately, most of us fall in the mean person category when it comes to our thoughts and actions.  We are greatly swayed by what others think and say about us.

The exceptional person is not afraid to have differing thoughts from the rest of their friends or family.  The exceptional person is firm in his or her convictions, not whimsically taking to change.  The exceptional person is not stubborn; he or she is driven by principal.

Take pride in your unique creative thoughts, dreams and desires.  Stand up for yourself and don’t worry how  others think or judge your aspirations.

Create clear goals and objectives and obsess on them.  As Earl Nightingale expounded over 50 years ago, “We become what we think about”, so think positive thoughts and become that positive person.

Exceptional people make a difference.  Mean people follow along with what others want or expect them to do.

You are an import individual!  Command attention and show the world your beautiful dreams by making them reality.  Don’t accept failure!  You will fail, that is a certainty; but what you learn from your failures is the key to success.

Only you can measure personal success, since by definition it is personal and unique to each individual.  Personal success cannot be measured against others, so there is no reason to try and equate your personal success with the success of others.  Success for you may be acing your math quiz, while success for your neighbor may be bowling a perfect game.

Reflect daily on the person you wish to be.  Become what you think about!

BTW remember, Don’t B Mean!


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