“Most people in the world speak in generalizations comparing everything to an average.  An average is a single value that summarizes or represents the general significance of a set of unequal values.  The concept of an average is to smooth out the peaks and valleys to come up with a normalized value that can represent a specific group in generic terms.  When your group consists of test scores from a recent exam there is nothing wrong with this concept.  When your group consists of human beings with dreams and aspirations it is a different story.

The inference associated with being average comes directly from its definition:


Society has created such an importance on being average it stifles our creativity, shaming people into abandoning pursuits that don’t fall into the ‘average’ category.

The Don’t B Mean movement encourages members of society to take a snapshot of his or her life reflecting upon the choices currently available, decisions previously made and level of happiness based on the choices and decisions made.  Armed with these reflective thoughts, the Don’t B Mean goal is to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION towards exploration and pursuit of dreams and aspirations regardless if they fit into society’s definition of average.

Do I have passion for any of my current endeavors?

Am I living my life on my terms or just following the crowd?

Do I want more out of life?

How often do I settle for things in my life?

Think about the answers to the previous questions and make the decision to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION!

Picture 1

The Don’t B Mean logo and slogan derive from the term arithmetic mean which is a synonym for average.  In mathematics the arithmetic mean is sometimes notated by an “x” with a bar over it.  The Don’t B Mean logo incorporates both aspects by placing the words MEAN over the “x” bar notation.

The Don’t B Mean logo and slogan serve a dual meaning, the first is the literal translation.  The second meaning is to not settle for being average following what society desires; you must chart you own course to personal fulfillment, finding your true feelings, beliefs, talents, skills and have the courage to express and more importantly act upon them.”