Health & Fitness

To a lot of people health and fitness are two nasty words.  It isn’t that people don’t care about being healthy and physically fit, it just takes a little time and effort and health and fitness typically aren’t high on the priority charts.  The mean has many activities and commitments throughout the day that inhibit the ability to focus on health and fitness.  It is easier to grab a fast food lunch than pack a healthy lunch before you head off to school or work.  It is easier and more enjoyable to watch reality TV than head to the gym or take a run.  The mean person understands the more prudent thing to do, but succumbs to society and does not act on the being prudent.  The mean person is content to be a little unhealthy and a little out of shape.

The exceptional person still has many activities and commitments, the difference is health and fitness are now included in the activities and commitments, not an addition to them.  The exceptional person schedules in time to make his or her lunch in the morning.  The exceptional person schedules in time to play a little Wii® fit.  The exceptional person plans for a 5 mile run on Saturday morning rain or shine.

Let’s focus in on health and more specifically elevated weight levels.  There are healthy weight ranges specified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – click here to view.  As shown in the data brief accessed via the link above, the trend of the average American is away from healthy weights and towards obesity.  It also states the average American BMI is approximately 26.5.  So the average American is 6% overweight.  This begs the question, if your BMI is 25.5 do you high-five your best friend since you are not as overweight as the average American?

So why not be exceptionalExceptional people plan for healthy meals and physical activity making them priorities, not afterthoughts and missed opportunities.

For those who have already made the leap from mean to exceptional, congratulations!  For those who are still looking for information and help take a look at the following links and items to help you on your way.

BTW remember, Don’t B Mean!


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