Personal Enjoyment

How do you unwind?  Do you sit around and watch TV or do you have a hobby that really provides fulfillment?  Most people really don’t have hobbies.  A lot of people will speak of activities they participate in every once in awhile and think it is a hobby, but a true hobby is pursued for relaxation and pleasure.

Hobbies give you an avenue to express your creativity without the stress involved of earning any money for your efforts.  You can fail at your hobby and more easily try again without any adverse repercussions.  This trait of hobbies makes them extremely educational towards how you conduct the rest of your life.

The mean person doesn’t have an activity that allows for relaxation and enjoyment.  The mean person is always rushing around from task to task never completed and never fully satisfied.  The exceptional person knows that relaxation is imperative to a healthy, fulfilling life and let’s go of most of life’s problems and sets aside time to engage in a hobby.  This dedicated time to one’s personal enjoyment recharges the batteries and allows for opportunities of success to be gained.  These little successes build confidence in a person that is used to better all aspects of one’s life.

The mean person will read these words and just dive into the first hobby that is popular at the time.  This is not the point.  As said before hobbies are meant to be relaxing and pleasurable, doing an activity just because others are doing it, and probably more proficiently than you are, does not sound relaxing and pleasurable.

The exceptional person takes time to reflect on what is enjoyable and investigates those areas of enjoyment to determine what activities to spend time relaxing with.  If you like cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, then maybe you should investigate cooking as a hobby.  If you like working with your hands maybe carpentry or needlepoint will help you relax.  You will never know what you can relax at until you learn about yourself and a corresponding hobby to bring you happiness.

As you can guess the possibilities for hobbies are limitless.  A few suggestions have been provided below to get your mind spinning, but ultimately the best hobby for you is the one that allows for relaxation and for you to have a fantastic time working at it!

BTW remember, Don’t B Mean!


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